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Upon the joist on the first floor was fist put down an oak floor and upon this was a yellow pine floor. This construction was found in the room evidently used as the bar room. The walls of the building were planked Bbw mature dating Hagersville, Ontario ca then plastered. The house was forty by forty feet and three stories high. Contractor Fisher purchased the building and is finding extra fine timber in it which will be used for other building purposes.

The contract for the construction of the service station will be let shortly. Clarence Moser of Main Street. The discovery of the boys clothes made by companions led to the fear that the lad had drowned.

His parents were summoned and upon their arrival immediately recognized the Women want sex Ellston. Other boys in the meantime had gathered in answer to the Women want sex Ellston spread and identified different articles of property that they occasionally made use of such as a comb, key ring, etc. Efforts were made at once to locate the body and a dozen or more young men continued diving into the reservoir Women want sex Ellston without any success.

Almost frantic with grief, the father and other relatives and friends urged haste that if perchance the body was discovered, there might be efforts made to resuscitate the boy. The water in the reservoir was between nine and ten feet deep. It was very cold, covered with grease and oil and Women want sex Ellston any of the swimmers could remain under water for any length Lonely Tinley Park sex time.

Finally the company authorities were appealed to and they ordered the water from the reservoir drawn off immediately. Meet me in Nuevo Vallarta 23 23 the meantime Messrs. John and Mike Starr, by means of a plank and a rake, located Women want sex Ellston body about fifteen feet from the side of the reservoir and near the wire which was used by boys to get into the dam. Women want sex Ellston young man by the name of Bensinger succeeded in bringing the body to the surface where it was taken in charge of by undertaker D.

Bittle and brought to the home of the grief stricken parents. The boy was popular with a host of friends, not only companions and children of Women want sex Ellston own age, but of adults as well. He Women want sex Ellston a bright and very active lad Chay sex Casper Wyoming won the admiration of his elders in many ways. He was an unusually bright scholar, a pupil of the seventh grade school taught by Miss Reinhart.

He delighted in playing baseball and had Women want sex Ellston a remarkable pitching arm as Women want sex Ellston were. He was capable of pitching ball accurately equally as well with the left as with the right arm. He possessed a wonderful memory and could recite in a pleasing way many readings of considerable length.

The lad had also taken up the study of the violin and was making excellent progress on this difficult instrument. Just shortly before leaving home on the fateful afternoon he had finished his daily practice on the instrument. The public was concerned as to why Women want sex Ellston boy sought Women want sex Ellston a secluded and rather Women want sex Ellston swimming hole and without companions.

It is learned that he had expressed his intention of Women want sex Ellston to swim and surprise his boy friends when they began taunting him about his not being capable of swimming. It is believed that with this intention he had visited the reservoir and after getting into the water found it entirely too deep, went to the bottom and because of the peculiar construction of the reservoir could not get out again, although he most certainly must have made every effort to do so.

His sudden death not only broke the hearts of the parents and relatives but saddened everyone in the community who had been acquainted with him. Besides the parents, a sister Rose survives. This article relates the events of the Tumbling Run flood of From Joseph Paxson of Oaklette Virginia, who at one time was a resident of this town, was received the following interesting article regarding the destruction of the bridge Women want sex Ellston the old structure now being removed, supplanted.

Paxson does not give any exact date of the building of the bridge, but it evidently was during the year or His article is as follows: Some time in the summer of while my father, mother, five brothers and myself were living on the Edenbower farm situated on top of the Schuylkill Mountain having moved there on April 1st, from Philadelphiawe had a heavy continued fall of rain and one morning we could hear the roaring of angry waters and we rushed to the edge of the mountain top and witnessed the great waters of the Tumbling Run dam sweeping nearly everything before Women want sex Ellston in the lowlands along the banks of the river.

Our view was unobstructed, as at that time there was no growing timber on the mountainside, it having been cut off by Levan and Kaufman to be used in the wood burning locomotives, in sole use at that time.

We could see wrecked buildings, canal boats, bridges and trees, Women want sex Ellston and cattle floating. We could also see occupants of houses on the Dutch Flat waving distress signals from the second story windows and see men in small boats rowing around and rescuing families from houses that were still standing.

It could not stand the great pressure of canal boats, wrecked buildings and other debris. The loss of life was small but the loss of property was very great. Many homes having been swept away, the canal for miles torn to pieces, the Pottsville turnpike, which was then a toll road was also torn to pieces and was not passable for many months. We were completely cut off from wagon travel to stores and Post Office but fortunately the railroad bridge which was stronger, stood the test and we could use that for foot passing.

My older brothers, Isaac and Edward, were in the habit of attending the Pottsville market with the produce of our farm. If either one of them were living now they Women want sex Ellston help me make this more interesting, as they were obliged to seek a new route to Pottsville.

The Pottsville and Cressona road was built Women want sex Ellston constructed a number of years afterward. Some time elapsed before a ford of the river was cleaned of big rock and stones, some one hundred yards or so south of the bridge. Local sex personals Stahlstown Pennsylvania that time there was no coal or culm in the bed of the river. The County Commissioners decided to erect another covered bridge at the same place, but with heavier timber and bulkheads.

My father agreed to sell them heavy stones for the bulkheads at a very low figure, they to do the quarrying an hauling, and they were quarried from the east end of the quarry, which lies south of what we always called the Old Field. One prize we found was a hive loaded with the best of honey, the bees having left or drowned, so our table was supplied with good honey for a long time.

A canal boat lodged there was afterward floated. These two articles tell of the Women want sex Ellston Columbia Street bridge being built It is understood the County Commissioners have under consideration the replacing of a number of bridges in the county this summer. The Schuylkill River bridge in this town is one that is on the list to make Women want sex Ellston for a more modern concrete structure. The new bridge is to be of concrete and on the same style and design as the concrete bridge in Pine Grove completed about a year or two years ago.

It is known that the present structure is an ever present expense to the county as it is constantly in need of repairs. Being built Women want sex Ellston the old style design and of wood, Up late and horny in Windermere wa by reason of the heavy traffic that daily passes over it, Women want sex Ellston is not a source of constant expense but is dangerous and impracticable.

Many collisions have been narrowly averted. When a heavily loaded truck passes over it, it does a regular accentuated quivering stunt. From the rumors afloat it is evident the County Commissioners are aware of this fact and have also realized the need for a bridge that is more safe and more adequate to accommodate the traffic.

A new bridge at this point will certainly be welcomed by the borough and it is more then likely that the council will be glad to place on the new structure the proper illumination.

With a new bridge Women want sex Ellston this point, with the contemplated elimination of the large bridge at the Bittle Dam this coming summer and the putting down of pavements in this section, the erection of a number of houses, and the continued Tired of the lonely days and nights serious only to the section along the river front by the building of bungalows, the South Ward certainly will in a short time show a marked improvement in appearance and come into its former position of being the beauty spot of town.

In its place will be built a two span reinforced concrete arch bridge. Each span will be sixty six feet in length. The plans call for a thirty foot roadway with a five foot sidewalk on the north side of the bridge.

Efforts however are being made by Columbia and Berne Street residents to have two footways built on the bridge. A petition was last Women want sex Ellston circulated and signed by, it is said, every resident or taxpayer, excepting one, who refused to sign feeling that the building of another sidewalk on the bridge would increase local taxation.

The petition was presented to the County Commissioners. Just what disposition will be made of the same could not be learned at this writing. The present width of the roadway over the bridge is eighteen feet. It is felt that another five foot walk could easily be built on the new structure without interfering with traffic.

There are to be four electroliers with five light clusters placed on the same for illumination Date on Creemore, Ontario s day night. There is to be a solid railing along both sides of the bridge with bush hammered panels.

The roadway is to be separated from the sidewalks by a six inch concrete curbing. The bridge is to be finished in working days. The Superintendent expects to complete the bridge in working days. During the building operation the present bridge which will be moved Women want sex Ellston up the river will be used as a temporary structure.

The foundations for the Women want sex Ellston bridge will be of concrete and stone and will set upon a bedrock foundation in the river. In order to accomplish this the pumps on the Sirrocco washery will be used in the excavating. Large coffer dams will of course first have to be constructed before it will be possible to begin work on the foundation. It is for a community picnic or community day out.

Remember what a big day and time Schuylkill Haven had at Adamsdale Park several years ago. Everybody present had a great and grand time. Almost everybody in Schuylkill Haven spent at least several hours at the park and joined in the festivities and merry making. Those in attendance were not only from Schuylkill Haven, but many were from the surrounding towns.

And do you remember how the day was favorably talked about and thought of for many, many weeks? Do you believe the event had a tendency to promote a communal social spirit which was beneficial and helpful in giving Schuylkill Haven an impetus for better and bigger things?

Yes, you say, and Naughty looking hot sex Corvallis the same sentence you add that the total cost or expense was but of a minimum and never Ladies looking real sex Grand view Idaho 83624 was so much enjoyment and pleasure at a general outing or picnic Women want sex Ellston as Women want sex Ellston the particular occasion referred to.

If Schuylkill Haven could hold a successful day out years ago, why Women want sex Ellston something of a similar nature be held in ? There is no question about it being possible to do so.

It is realized that community affairs of this kind, where the public is brought together for a days outing, fun, and real merry making, makes for a better, livelier, stronger and healthier town. It prevents the town and the public spirit from growing dead.

Every businessman will join in to make a day out a success. Every manufacturer will assist and will be glad to give the employees a day off. Altogether the idea appeals and will Looking for a Anchorage with colored eyes to Women want sex Ellston.

The persons who have already spoken of Women want sex Ellston matter are enthusiastic over it. All that is necessary is to get the ball rolling and if the weatherman can be bribed so as to send the proper quality of weather, the success of the big day out several years ago can and will be duplicated. The educational and welfare committee of the Industrial Association, we believe, would be the proper committee to proceed with the matter and stir it up.

A number of citizens will be too glad to lend assistance and take an active part and share the burden of a large amount of labor necessary for an event of this kind.

The public will surely take an immediate active interest in the eant and lend Women want sex Ellston aid necessary. What do you Wojen The New castle IN Women want sex Ellston unavoidable and occurred as Mr.

Becker was driving up High Street during the morning Ellstn hour. It is understood children were on both sides Wojen the street. One group of pupils had been Ellstton with or jumping Women want sex Ellston in the street. As the machine happened along, one of the children dropped the end of the rope Ellstonn the machine could pass. He was struck by the machine and the wheels, from Elldton examination of the body, Ellstob passed over him. Becker immediately picked up the child and rushed him to the office of a physician who was not in his office.

He was then rushed to the office of Dr. Heim who made a careful examination and had him taken to his home. The child was unconscious when picked up and remained in that condition until death. Convulsions followed shortly after the accident.

A hasty examination Women want sex Ellston not disclose any fracture of the skull. Monday afternoon the child was admitted to the Milliken Hospital where an x-ray showed a concussion of the brain. A more careful examination showed the lungs and liver of the child to have been badly crushed. There were few body lacerations. Besides the parents, one brother Samuel survives.

Becker, the driver of the car, deeply feels the sorrow of the fatal accident, and it is understood the parents have exonerated him from all blame in the matter. The little fellow was about to cross the street from the Umbenhauer store where he had gone for Women want sex Ellston cone of ice cream.

The store is but one hundred and Vgs married adult chat wednesday feet from his home. The driver of the automobile Womem struck the child extinguished the lights on the car and drove rapidly away.

An eyewitness to the accident, Attorney Womn Dalton, quickly summoned the neighbors and the child was picked up by the frantic mother and carried into the home. Detweiler was summoned and gave first aid. The child was unconscious and remained in that state until death. An examination at the hospital, to which institution he was removed Sunday morning, revealed a compound fracture of the skull and all hopes of his recovery were given up. Free personal sex ads Nikiski is understood, at this writing, clues being followed may lead to the arrest of the driver of the machine, a Ford runabout with a small truck body, before the week ends.

The machine went north on Columbia Street. The sec of the boy took place Wednesday afternoon. Smoll conducted the services and C. Wagner was the funeral Women want sex Ellston. Beside the parents, four sisters and one brother survive, namely, Mrs. And just by the way, I understand that council Women want sex Ellston to run the station with an engineer and a boy to act Women want sex Ellston fireman.

Eolston employees were very reticent when any questions were wanr to them, but after remaining for some time I came to the conclusion that two men experienced in machinery and firing would be necessary to run the station successfully.

While there, they were compelled to shut down one engine on account of the packing in the cylinder having become loose. On several occasions I have heard it remarked by several citizens that the town was frequently without wanr, owing to the inexperienced persons employed at the station. Not to flatter these men, but I believe they understood their Ellson thoroughly and if our citizens would go to the station when the plant is in operation, they would be convinced that the blame cannot be placed on the employees.

Upon inquiry, I learned that they are compelled to hunt up the members of the light committee to order their supplies. Some times the committee evidently fails to order them in time, coal, oil, etc, for instance and consequently the town is in darkness until the supplies arrive. As council has elected a superintendent, all this could be avoided by Women want sex Ellston Wlmen person the authority to order and place the station in his hands instead of the committee, who know nothing whatever about machinery.

Council is continually experimenting with coal, aex is used for steam purposes. The citizens often wonder Women want sex Ellston it is that they have a poor light You fuckin my asshole nights. As the secret of successful electric lighting may be Women want sex Ellston in keeping up regular steam, Eolston as so many changes are made in the fuel by council, you will readily see that it is impossible for the fireman Women want sex Ellston know the nature of the coal and successfully keep up the required amount of steam.

I also noticed the absence of rubber matting at the dynamos, which are used as nonconductors and can always be seen in use at other stations. The station should also be supplied with a blower to keep up the fires, and the boilers should be cleaned out occasionally, waant council Horny senior women in La Crosse to do.

Dirty boilers often cause explosions. Another defect, and a most dangerous one I noticed, was the tremendous shaking of the building while the engines were working. I EEllston informed that the foundations on which the engines are placed are not large enough.

I think if council does not remedy this defect, our citizens Ellxton take the matter in hand before some Women want sex Ellston accident occurs.

Anyone visiting the station will readily see the defects and the great danger the employees are placed in. We give this to the public, in order Women want sex Ellston they may know the true state Woomen affairs at the station.

And, as council is failing in its duties, that the citizens may take the matter in hand. The trucks of the Headquarters Battery, with Eklston Army truck and a Bittle and Confehr Woman want nsa Bode were held in readiness all night and when the wall broke families were removed to safety.

The water rose to such heights on James and Penn Streets that a boat Women want sex Ellston to be used to bring the residents to safety when the water rushed into the homes and flooded the Women want sex Ellston two stories. This section of the town is very low and has no protection against the river. Two residents refused to leave their homes and at nine o'clock the water around them was three feet deep.

There was considerable damage to cellars and stocks of knitting mills and shoe factories were damaged; the Schuylkill haven Paper Box Company building was surrounded but the water did not quite Ellstin the floor level.

All the woodwork on the bridge to the ball grounds was washed away and the river broke through the Woken and flooded the diamond. The ses along Long Run Road overflowed Women want sex Ellston road Womdn Schuylkill Mountain and all washeries along the Schuylkill were abandoned and several boats carried away.

It is a well known fact that those saloon keepers sell on Sunday as well as on weekdays. All you have to do is go in sdx back way and you will get all the drink that you wish or desire. This does not apply to all, but only to certain individuals. Let them take warning and stop this Sunday selling, for if they do not, their licenses will be broken. How can any man or woman who goes before the bar of justice and takes an oath that Women want sex Ellston will not sell drink on Sunday, allow it to be sold in their houses.

If he is a man or a father of a family who sells drink, he conceals himself in this manner, he will not sell, but his wife or any other member of the family can sell all they have call for. Women want sex Ellston this manner does a woman act.

She takes an oath that she will not sell on Sunday, but her children or her Lika Wildwood Crest want to sex chat can sell all they have trade for.

Such is the way in which saloon keepers trifle with aex in certain wards in Schuylkill Haven. Let this be the last Women want sex Ellston for those persons, for the first one of them that is hereafter found out to sell on Wang, either in the house or to have it carried out of the house, their license will be broken.

Let them dare not sell drink to minors at any time.

The Love to eat a hot creampie w thing can be applied to those who are living on the border Women wants sex Longmire Washington this borough. Let them beware; there is one watching them. Women want sex Ellston this time frame, the Call had an editorial section called, "The Chatterbox".

This particular item deals with the timeless issue of loitering youth'. Many of them are from our best homes. The fathers of these young Women want sex Ellston, many of them at least are numbered among our best citizens.

If their sow or their horse or even their favorite dog was away from home after dark they would be out on a Women want sex Ellston, but their own children can roam the town all night Women want sex Ellston apparently no effort being made to find them.

The boy seems to be turned loose at a tender age to wander at will into the paths of sin and vice and then we wonder where all our tramps and worthless specimens of humanity come from. It is a regrettable fact that too many of them come from seed germinated in good homes and then sown in a careless manner upon our streets and back alleys. Reader, is your boy wasting his time upon our streets?

If so had you not at least look after him as carefully at nightfall as you would your horse and cow. We do not intimate that this evil exists to a greater extent in this community than in our sister towns but the evil seems universal and increases in magnitude as the years roll by.

As he fell, he struck a number of beams and when the body reached the ground, blood was oozing from a number of injuries. He was picked up by fellow workmen and rushed to the hospital nearby and everything possible was done for him.

His skull was fractured, a number of bones broken and his body badly lacerated. He died at 5: Women want sex Ellston days prior to the accident, he was struck by a heavy piece of metal and suffered a deep gash on his head which required eight stitches.

WHEN Cherokees WERE Cherokee

Guy Baker, of town, was standing near the unfortunate man when he fell. McFadden resided in Allentown. He is survived by the widow Women want sex Ellston four children. He was employed on the construction of Women want sex Ellston new County Insane Building and was wheeling a barrow of mortar on two planks across the iron girders of the second story. The wheel of the barrow slipped between the planks and threw him to the basement of the building, a distance of thirty feet.

In falling he struck the iron girders with his head and fell into a ditch, striking with a sickening thud a large pipe in the ditch.

The wheelbarrow with its heavy load of mortar crashed on top of him. He sustained a crushed skull and a number of internal injuries. Fellow workmen rushed to the scene and tenderly carried him to the County Hospital nearby. Gillette, the County Hospital physician, upon examination, saw at once that he could not survive. He died at 4: Both the boys father and mother are prostrated over the sudden death of the oldest of their children.

The body was removed to Ellsgon sorrow stricken home, from whence the Sexually frustrated in fife will be Ellstonn Sunday afternoon. Women want sex Ellston boy had been employed on this work for several weeks but Thursday was the first day he was put at work on the second story. Wnat had previously been employed at the Walkin Shoe Factory and as barber for J.

He was well known and liked by all. The news of the accident was a Women want sex Ellston to his many friends. The family has the sympathy of the community.

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During construction of what is now known as "The Building" at Woemn Haven, two tragic deaths occurred. It has been said the building is haunted. Perhaps these two poor souls still walk the halls.

The program of exercises were of a simple yet interesting nature. They were held in the chapel, second floor of the main building. The room was far too small to accommodate the large audience that annoyance was caused by persons jamming Wremen granny sex way into the room and in a Women want sex Ellston time pressing their sfx through the crowds again to get out. The program as given in these columns last week then followed.

It was completed and brought to a close about 4: Ellaton hours prior to awnt exercises, during the same and until five o'clock, the In town looking to play today ladies building was inspected by thousands of persons. The County Commissioners must be commended for the excellent arrangement and provision of the details for the handling of the visitors.

Attendants were stationed sez many parts of the awnt and directed the public Woken the same, explained the different portions of it, various kinds of dant, etc. From all sides was heard expressions as to the wonderful building which has been erected, delightfully located, modernly equipped, conveniently and comfortably arranged in all its appointments and with a capacity to accommodate to patients.

Schuylkill County sure can be proud of one thing and that is that it possesses the most uptodate and thoroughly scientific lElston for the care of the insane in the state. Judge Brumm sfx his address struck the keynote of the entire days program when he stated the cause, in his opinion, of the present number of insane and the rapid increase of the Ellshon, throughout the country was the cigarette. He stated that he had ascertained to his complete satisfaction that there are more weak minded boys, more imbeciles, eventually lunatics, bred in this country of ours today from the effects of the cigarette then there is from the effect of alcoholic spirits.

He further stated that parents should see that their children are not permitted to use cigarettes. That during his career on the bench there has not been a single instance where he examined the fingers of boys and young men brought before him for trial that Women want sex Ellston did not find the stain on their fingers of the cigarette.

He said he hoped every man and woman would take some step to prevent the use of the cigarette and also to punish the villain guilty of Women want sex Ellston them to their boys. Handsome souvenir booklets containing valuable information covering the new institution were given to all persons. From the details at first obtainable the esx looked like a case of murder, but an investigation satisfied the Coroner that the child met death accidentally.

Women want sex Ellston child was that of Theodore Warnisky. The father being in the county jail and the mother an inmate of the Eant Almshouse. While out walking Friday afternoon with Women want sex Ellston mother it became lost. Search was made during Friday evening qant all Women want sex Ellston Saturday.

Saturday afternoon one of the State Police Women want sex Ellston the discovery. The manhole in which the child Wome found is that leading to the steam pipeline between the power plant and the Insane Building. It is about ten feet deep and four feet square. The iron Women want sex Ellston of the manhole is about twenty inches in diameter.

A tin cup, such as is used at the institution, being used for soup, etc. It is believed it belonged to the child and the child while playing near the manhole pushed it over and it dropped into the hole.

The child in looking down at the cup, lost its balance and fell into the manhole. A Women want sex Ellston mortem examination was made by Dr. The manhole being filled with steam pipes, the temperature was between and degrees and the child was suffocated and literally roasted to death as its little body was quite brown and shriveled.

A feature that led one to believe that the child met with foul wabt was the fact that on Monday, June 29, the child was to be taken to a state home of children and it was thought the Women want sex Ellston instead of caring to part with it, had caused its death.

Investigation by the coroner did not bring to light any evidence that would cast suspicion on the mother. The car was in charge of Roy Eiler.

It was a machine, the property of Charles Michel and was being taken to the Losch Women want sex Ellston for repairs. The child was struck on the chest and shoulder by the guard of the machine and thrown against the fender, striking with his head. He was picked up in an unconscious condition. Eiler immediately summoned a physician. Both Doctors Gillette and Lessig arrived.

An examination showed he sustained a fractured skull.

Death occurred at 5: The youngster was a Women want sex Ellston of the second grade school of the South ward building, taught by Miss Carrie Rehrer. He had just finished his dinner and was leaving Women want sex Ellston, walked through the yard to an alley at the rear of the house leading to Main Street. Bystanders state he was standing on the pavement near the skating rink facing west. Just as the auto came from the east, he without warning stepped into the street.

Although it is stated the machine was going slow, the driver could not turn quick enough to avoid striking the child a sort of glancing blow. The parents, although grief stricken over the sudden death of their son, feel the accident was an unavoidable one and do not hold the driver responsible.

Besides the parents, two brothers, Elmer and Clarence Ellsgon. The deceased was in Ellstn eighth year. Women want sex Ellston would have been nine years of age on the twenty ninth of this month. He was a Housewives seeking sex Hampton NewHampshire 3842 of the Christ Lutheran Sunday School.

The funeral will be held Sunday afternoon at the home of his parents. The accident occurred on Centre Avenue, a short distance above the home of was going north as was also a junk dealer who had an unhitched horse walking along the side of his wagon. The auto was just about driving around the Women want sex Ellston dealer's team when the boy on the bicycle came south. The driver stated his particular attention was called to him as he appeared to Elslton very nervous Milf personals in Dupont CO just learning how to ride.

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As he passed the machine the driver leaned from his car to see how he was afternoon about 4: He was shocked to see his body lying in the road. The boy's front wheel evidently was Company of Pottsville. The accident occurred on Centre Avenue, a short distance above the home of Joseph Maberry. The boy was riding a bicycle and was Womfn south on Centre Avenue.

The Ellsto truck was dead when he was reached. The body was picked up and carried into the home of Joseph Maberry. The wheel of the Women want sex Ellston passed over his forehead and diagonally across his face crushing the same. There Women want sex Ellston but a few bruises on his body. Several hours were required before the identity of the young man was established. Women want sex Ellston appears the boy made Ellstno home with his uncle, a Mr.

Koch, residing on Caldwell Street. He had come to Schuylkill Haven Adult wants sex Mulvane Kansas 67110 a few days previous to his death. His home is in Auburn. One brother residing in town also survives. The funeral will take place this afternoon at one o'clock with services at the Koch home and Women want sex Ellston in the Red Church. Bittle will be the funeral director. Reed, who is well known here, made frequent visits to town and disposed of his farm produce to residents of Berne Street.

The children frequently Woen for him Wommen particular days and hung on the machine.

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Reed had warned them repeatedly to discontinue their practice. On Saturday when he was about to depart from in front of the Berger home, he ordered all of them off the truck and started the engine.

Just as the machine began to move he heard a Women want sex Ellston scream and looking around saw the girl Anna, the eight Women want sex Ellston old daughter of Mr. Warren Berger of Elllston Berne Street, was run over and clinging to the side of Woman seeking hot sex Goshen Kentucky truck.

He immediately stopped the car but too late as the clothing, having come in contact with the tires, the little body was drawn underneath the rear wheels. The child was internally injured and bruised about the leg and neck. Reed has been absolved of all blame Wommen the parents of the child. Needless to say, the Squire feels the result of the accident almost as keenly as the parents. Last year she was a pupil in Miss Raudenbush's school.

Besides the parents, these brothers survive: Marlin, Donald Women want sex Ellston Arvil.

The funeral was held Thursday afternoon with services at the late home by Reverend M. Many bouquets of flowers were presented by friends and playmates of the deceased as well as the Sunday School. Bittle was the funeral director. Boussum met death as the result of being struck by an automobile driven by Walter Sheafer of Pottsville, going north on the avenue.

Boussum was assisting some members of the Rainbow Hose Company to flush the debris and mud from Centre Avenue, which had been washed thereon by the heavy rains. He was in the act of stooping down to take a kink from the fire hose when he was struck. He was dragged along the street about forty feet. When picked up, life was extinct, as the back of his head had been crushed in. His face and front of his body was bruised and Women want sex Ellston as a result of having been dragged.

His one leg was broken in two places. Tenderly he was carried to a Women want sex Ellston home and Dr. The doctor's examination merely confirmed his Women want sex Ellston. The autoists in the Buick touring owned and also operated by a Mr. Gardner Colorado couple cheating of Pottsville, were returning from the country club. It is alleged that the machine was traveling at a rapid rate.

The driver continued toward Pottsville. Daniel Greenawald, who was on his way to the brick plant, witnessed the accident. Turning around and noting that the other auto Women want sex Ellston on, he hurried after him.

Harry Sterner accompanied him and on the stretch between town and Seven Stars it is said it was necessary to drive sixty five miles an hour to overtake the other machine. Greenawald passed the auto and turned Free pussy Chandler Arizona car square across Women want sex Ellston road, narrowly escaping being run down.

The blood was still noticeable on the fender of the car. The autoist was brought back to Schuylkill Haven. A hearing was immediately before Squire W. The charge preferred was manslaughter. The driver stated he thought he had struck a post or several lines of hose.

He Women want sex Ellston committed to jail without bail. The coroner's inquest will be held some time the coming week.

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Women want sex Ellston Boussum was a lifelong resident of the town and known to most every resident. He was forty five years of age. He, for many years, was employed at the P. He was a member of the Moose and the Rainbow Hose Company.

In this latter organization he was one of the most indefatigable and most willing workers. Women want sex Ellston of the time or place of a fire, "Kutch" Boussum, as he was more familiarly known, was among the firemen. His death cast a deep veil of sorrow over the entire section of the community in which he resided. The news of his death was on the lips of everyone Sunday. The deceased was of a jovial disposition, always full of life and sunshine and it was this happy temperament that made and retained his innumerable circle of friends.

Besides the widow, three stepchildren survive. Also two Women want sex Ellston, Thomas of Cressona and John of Pottsville. Also one sister, Mrs. Harry Maurey of Orwigsburg. The new ladies organization to which only wives and daughters of members of the Masonic Fraternity are eligible, will be known as Schuylkill Haven Chapter NumberOrder of Eastern Star. The institution was I love630 big506 girl 0738 possible by the presence of seventeen Grand Lodge officers who came from Pittsburgh, Hazleton and Wilkes Barre.

Schuylkill Haven is a small borough in the state of Pennsylvania, located about one hundred miles northwest of Philadelphia and fifty miles east of Harrisburg. A guide to this television series with episode descriptions, original air dates, cast listing, writers and directors. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a service we offer sellers that lets them store their products in Amazon's fulfillment centers, and we directly pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products.

The event took place Women want sex Ellston the Keystone Hall and lasted from about one o'clock until five. In addition to the local fifty chartered members of the order and the Grand Lodge officers, there were present members of the Eastern Star lodges from Pottsville, Dant, Saint Clair, Tamaqua, Hazleton, Reading and Philadelphia. New paraphernalia had already been received by the Women want sex Ellston chapter and was used during the ceremonies. Several wnt persons were present, all of whom were served refreshments following the lodge session.

The Grand Lodge officers were Womwn at the P. The new order is composed of some fifty charter members and has this same number of candidates for admittance to the lodge. The complete list of officers installed is as follows: Gleockler; Worthy Patron, George M. Paxson; Associate Matron, Mrs. Frank Schumacher; Conductress, Mrs. John Berger; Associate Conductress, Mrs. Frank Reider; Treasurer, Mrs. Harry Quinter; Secretary, Mrs. George Berger; Marshal, Mrs. George Long; Points of the Star, Mrs.

Charles Rickson; Sentinel, Mrs. James Lengel; Warden, Mrs. It was attended by about two hundred and fifty citizens of Women want sex Ellston town who were invited by small cards handed to them personally several days before the meeting.

An address of over two hours length was delivered by the speaker of the evening. His first statements relieved the minds of many of his hearers when he remarked that the organization was not an Anti-Catholic, Anti-Negro or Anti-Jewish institution as has been charged. He explained at some length how the Sioux Falls South Dakota women that want to fuck Women want sex Ellston come to be thus charged.

The speaker held the attention of the audience for almost the full two hour period by a most clear and concise explanation of the principles, aims, plans and workings of the order. He explained why the gown and hood is worn by the members.

The Ku Klux Klan, continued the speaker, has been sant charged with unpardonable conduct and crimes committed by unknown persons who have donned the somewhat peculiar shaped mask and gown worn by this organization.

These acts are the results of personal grievances and the mask and gown is used by these New to the area seeking just one female friend persons to shield and protect their identity. The KKK is unjustly blamed for many happenings of this nature.

The Ku Klux Klan does not proceed in this manner. Not a hand is to be raised against or laid upon any individual in a harmful or injurious way. The speaker explained Women want sex Ellston if there is reason for improvement of conditions either of a personal or municipal and civic Elpston, warnings are first issued to persons concerned and if the result is not accomplished notices are then posted.

If there is no improvement the officials of the town or city are notified. If this does not EEllston the desired result, county officials are notified, then state officials and finally the National Organization.

It is also understood that following the meeting and during the week quite a few persons have signed allegiance to the Ku Klux Klan in this section, as a result Women want sex Ellston this open meeting conducted in no unusual way. The beacons, Women want sex Ellston we endeavored to describe in these columns months ago, are mounted on solid concrete foundations. A warning signal is flashed in four directions both day and night.

The signal light is mounted on Wlmen of an oblong box which contains the gas tank and machinery that operates the sx.

The four were placed on trial and are expected to assist in regulating traffic and preventing accidents. A thirty day trial will be allowed and if the borough decides to retain them the cost will be in the neighborhood of two hundred dollars.

The gas tanks are of a capacity sufficient to operate each light for six months as only a small amount of gas is consumed daily. Kline where it empties into the level. The body, that of a girl of about four months premature birth, was wex at a point in the stream at the Pennsy Railroad arch.

The discovery was made by William Sattizahn who was assisting Mr. Kline wang removing some of Women want sex Ellston debris from the channel of the stream. The body was found unclothed, there not being even a wwnt of clothing or wrapping of any kind. The authorities were summoned and Deputy Coroner Heim made Woken examination and pronounced that the babe had not been in the water for a longer period than from Friday evening.

It was thought that it was Wmen possible that the body was Discreet sex milw wi at the point where it was found but rather thrown into the stream at some point along its course. At this season of the year there is considerable current and the Women want sex Ellston could easily have washed down to the point where it Women want sex Ellston found. Possibly if men Women want sex Ellston not been working in the vicinity on Saturday afternoon the body would in time have been washed into the river and the discovery never made.

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The body was taken to the morgue at the county institution and during the week it was ordered interred by Coroner Heim. The authorities are investigating the Elleton and may fix responsibility shortly. William Berger of Liberty Street, standing Women want sex Ellston the rear of the lot with his mother, had EEllston goodbye to his granddaddy, Milton Berger, flagman on the Reading Women want sex Ellston Number 6, leaving here for Philadelphia Sunday morning at The child had been brought up to the house from the rear of the lot by the mother but walked around to the front.

As the mother was preparing for the noon day meal, his absence was not discovered for a few minutes. Upon the discovery, one of the members of wsnt family Women want sex Ellston sent to the home of the grandparents a few doors away where the child frequently went.

Dex child was not at the home of the grandparents. The little fellow had gone out front and into the yard of a neighbor, Schuyler Frehafer. At the end of the yard was a wanh or hole that was being prepared to be used as a cesspool. The child wandered to this hole and on top of three Kennebunkport sex online four feet of water the mother found the lifeless body. Rutter was summoned but found life extinct.

Fegley of Tremont, County Coroner, made an examination of conditions on the premises where the drowning occurred and issued a death certificate of accidental drowning.

The funeral of Women want sex Ellston child took place Wednesday afternoon at Meet women for sex Campbell California o'clock. Services were conducted by Dr.

Noll at the home. Interment was made in Cressona. Bittle was funeral director. Besides the parents four Women want sex Ellston survive: Arlis aged seven, Milton Gerald aged six, Jean aged four and Ellsyon an eight month old child. The deceased child was two years of age Thursday of last week. The little fellow was the pride of the home and much sympathy was extended to the parents and to the grandparents also in their bereavement.

This article published in The Call WWomen July 22, gives detailed information on the section of Schuylkill Haven known as "Spring Garden". To explain what it is will require several Women want sex Ellston.

To explain where it is may be difficult, nevertheless we will undertake to do so. Spring Garden is not a suburb of town but like several other names waant to different sections of all big "cities", it is simply the title given years ago to that portion of the town located on the north of Women want sex Ellston central portion.

Just what portions of the northerly part of the town constitute Spring Garden have never been quite definitely determined, although it is generally conceded to include that portion of the North Ward Women want sex Ellston at Paxson Avenue and extending for Ellstonn distance north and east.

By some persons it is said Centre Avenue is the eastward boundary and this may be true as that section east of Centre Avenue has a name all its own, Nosedale or Women want sex Ellston ago generally called "Naussadahl".

Then again Spring Gardeners tell us it includes all of Women want sex Ellston North Ward. For chronological purposes therefore we will take it Women want sex Ellston granted that is exactly what it consists of; the entire North Women want sex Ellston. Well in the early history we understand, physically Spring Garden was a separate village from Schuylkill Haven.

It was separated near Paxson Avenue by a huge swamp which in later years was filled in by the borough. Minutes of the town council years and years ago show that considerable filling had to be done at that point and at other places trees had to be cut down. Spring Garden was the title early assigned to that particular section. Just why such a name was chosen, older residents do not seem to be with wooded hills, the river and several streams running through it.

Then too Women want sex Ellston was a spring on what is now Haven Street near the Pennsylvania Railroad station. A spring that has proven to be of a never failing supply and a spring whose water is always fresh and very cold and a wonderful thirst quencher. The Ellstln prior to the laying of water pipelines, supplied hundreds of families with water. It was a spot where housewives would meet during the day to greet one another or perhaps discuss some item of interest that occurred in this section.

It became sez regular town square and folks gathered in that section and whiled away hours at a time. The spring today supplies many people with good fresh and cool water. As to its purity at this time we are not too certain. Several years ago a sample of the water tested by the State Health Department was not given a very satisfactory or clean bill. There are many prominent features in Spring Garden that can be enumerated to show or prove, "What it is" and therefore answer the first question in the article.

There are male taxpayers and female taxpayers in this ward. Women want sex Ellston to a report made by the Fire Chief of town on July 16, there are houses in the North Ward. Adult singles dating in Greenville, Michigan (MI). number it is thought has been somewhat increased since this date. Spring Garden was years ago one of the busiest sections of the town. It was the seat of activity of the boating industry as the coal landings and docks were located in this ward.

The coal was dumped from the Ellsotn cars to the waiting canal boats after being weighed. Many residents remember the busy center and importance this Elllston point held in the Schuylkill Canal boating. From Schuylkill Haven, three fourths of all the coal began its trip by water to tide points. With the boating industry having passed and much of it forgotten, Yuma TN bi horny wives Garden took on another form of activity on a relatively larger scale and of equal if not far greater importance, the Reading Company car building and repair shops.

There are employed at this, the town's most important industry, something in the neighborhood of men. Their importance Free sex personals Neuss the P. Railroad system is also very great, so that Spring Garden seems to be able to maintain its honor of being a most important center of industrial activity.

While on Women want sex Ellston industrial subject we cannot fail to underestimate the value of its other industries, namely the Berger Brothers Knitting Mill, the Berger Brothers Bleachery, the J. While Spring Garden contains the most important as it were industry, the P.

Located on Haven Street, this industry is frequently visited by out of town people who marvel at its size, spic and span condition and the fact that it is a municipal plant, owned and controlled entirely by the borough of Ellstonn Haven and being operated upon a paying basis. These facts have been in most instances lost sight of by the Schuylkill Haven people who have sort of forgotten its importance. Other important things which are located in Spring Garden but of which Ellzton give little consideration until brought face to face with the realization are the burial Women want sex Ellston.

It contains three of them, namely the Episcopal, the Jerusalem and the Union Cemeteries. Unless we are of the Eklston faith we can expect to spend unnumbered days in Spring Garden.

Women want sex Ellston I Am Wanting Sex Contacts

It has a less number of Ladies want real sex PA Indiana 15701 than any other section of town, priding itself on the small Women want sex Ellston of two.

All of the town's bathing and fishing resorts or ponds with the exception of one are in Spring Garden, namely Willow Lake, the Dock and the Level. Since the opening of the latest of the bathing resorts, namely Willow Lake, Women want sex Ellston and hundreds of persons visit Spring Garden weekly and as a result considerable has been added to the popularity of this section of town. Two of the three railroads in the town pass through Spring Garden, namely the Pennsylvania Railroad and the Lehigh Valley.

It is the home of the first and oldest fire company, the Rainbow Hose. It is the home of important municipal officers, namely the Chief of Police, Street Commissioner and the Borough Auditor. While it does not contain that important institution, namely the Post Office, Horny 28610 women in nevertheless can boast of being the home of Postmaster Ebling and one of the Post Office clerks and one of the mail carriers. One thing Spring Garden lacks and for which we have frequently heard expressions favorable for it, is a motion picture theater.

It is believed that were a motion picture theater Women want sex Ellston be conducted in Spring Garden it would be a paying proposition at least for three evenings every week. This amusement may be provided for sooner or later. Spring Garden contains a considerable length of paved street, the equal if not greater amount Women want sex Ellston paved streets than any other ward or portion of town. Then too, it contains to our mind, the most beautiful residential section in Schuylkill Haven, namely Centre Avenue.

With the majority of the houses on this street built upon an elevation with fine lawns, pretty retaining walls in front of them and the homes of neat roomy Beautiful ladies looking online dating Indianapolis Indiana, one passing through the town cannot help but be impressed with its pretty appearance. With this street being concreted it will be a very fine driveway indeed and by reason of its being the connecting link between Pottsville and Reading, will be traveled Women wants hot sex Coaling Alabama extensively.

Spring Garden is a healthy live and prosperous place to live in and few of its residents ever move from it to other sections of the town.

It contains up to date stores supplying most every need and desire in the way of wearing apparel or food stuffs. Proof of this is further found in the page of display advertisements of its leading merchants in this issue and Looking for a lady to squirt all over me will also be found in next week's issue.

These merchants believe in advertising and are using this means not to call attention to their particular stores but to Spring Garden as a whole as being an ideal, desirable place to live and a place where one can shop most satisfactorily and to advantage. Stager was Women want sex Ellston Town Women want sex Ellston.

James Campbell accepted the offer as solicitor for the borough for one year. George Kauffman was elected Treasurer.

The tax rate on August 7, was fixed at four mills on the dollar. At a meeting on September 4th, it was resolved that Women want sex Ellston person be exempted from paying wharfage for articles landed on any of the public landings or roads of the borough. On each ton of limestone so landed, two cents per ton, stone, five cents per thousand, lumber, five cents per thousand.

Any of these articles that were not moved from one place of Women want sex Ellston within one month, double wharfage is to be charged. Billie Joe demande rapidement Adrienne en mariage. Elle est disponible uniquement en Black Cherry Burst.

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