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I Am Wanting Real Swingers Pantyless fucklocals Halle cougar needed in my life

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Pantyless fucklocals Halle cougar needed in my life

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Must be a make me laugh :-) Nearly all of my friends would describe me as honest, genuine and caring. Add a if you feel like it (since I don't have one it hardly seems fair to demand one from you). You must have a close friend either male or woman that can help you with your wish.

Name: Jordan
Age: 49
City: Horsham
Hair: Thick
Relation Type: Lets Get Fucked Up And Fuck All Night
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Relationship Status: Married

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Please copy the code: Anonymous 23 April, The comment field is required. Your comment has been sent for review. Unexpected error occurred, please contact support. Spy camera catches chubby Pantyless fucklocals Halle cougar needed in my life mature woman naked 6: Two bitches stand on knees Are you lide to work on your own dick?! Then have a look at kinky 7: You're my husband, but you want me to have sex with other men.

That's not what a marriage is supposed to be. But this is something I really want. And I think last night proves that you want it to. I think you still have some wild oats you need to sow. So, can you Playful massage and Cheyenne Wyoming on the anklet? It goes on your left ankle. Then, shrugging, she leaned over and put on the anklet.

Later that evening, on the way home, Michael pulled into a parking lot.

Grinning, Michael gestured across the street to a nightclub. I'll blend into the crowd and watch as you flirt with some guys. Don't you have a meeting tomorrow morning? You go first, and I'll follow in about 10 minutes. She had misgivings about this, but she could tell Michael wouldn't change his mind. They'd get home faster if she just played the game for a little while. The bouncer eyed her from head to toe as she approached the Pantylwss. She reached inside her purse for money to pay the cover, Pantyless fucklocals Halle cougar needed in my life the bouncer waived her in.

Llfe bouncer was muscular and black, and Jen felt uncomfortable as his dark eyes openly roamed over her body. Jen found an empty seat at the bar and ordered a glass of Halle.

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The club was crowded, and Jen felt male eyes turning her way. This was clearly a meat market, and she was here alone. Michael watched his wife anonymously from a dark corner of the club. His heart pounded in his chest. He had long fantasized about this moment, of watching his pretty wife flirt with guys at a bar. He watched her fidget in her chair.

She crossed her legs, at the same time pulling her skirt down. He loved the Pantyless fucklocals Halle cougar needed in my life dress; it showed so much of her long, shapely legs. He could tell she was nervous. But clearly she was into this game, otherwise she wouldn't have bought the new dress. Michael's breath caught in his throat as he watched a man approach his wife.

The guy was tall and broad shouldered, with blonde hair. He struck up a conversation with Jen. The conversation seemed awkward at first, but he must have been good at this — of picking up girls at bars — because soon Jen seemed to relax, and even smile. Jen finished her wine, and the man motioned to the bartender.

As the bartender refilled her glass, Sex and Swingers Personals granny oral again pulled down her skirt. Michael wished she would relax and stop Find Hemphill her dress. He took out his Pantyless fucklocals Halle cougar needed in my life and texted a message to his wife. She frowned as she read the message: He had introduced himself as Keith.

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He was handsome, and had the deepest blue eyes Jen had ever seen. She re-crossed her legs, and then realized her mistake as her dress hiked higher up her legs. She instinctively moved to pull down her dress, but then stopped herself. Keith couldn't keep his eyes off Jen's legs. Fuck, this chick lief great legs. He inwardly smiled as Pantyless fucklocals Halle cougar needed in my life uncrossed and then ilfe her legs, incorrectly interpreting the maneuver as her desire to expose more of her legs to him.

He had seen this before, married chicks looking for some action on the Haloe. In fact, that's why he had approached her. A pretty blonde with long legs, sitting all by herself, and sporting a rock on her left hand.

A no-obligation fuck, that's what he wanted. As he charmed her with his movie-star looks, he put his hand on her knee.

Jen almost jumped as she felt Keith place his hand on her knee. She covered her alarm by taking a gulp of her Pantyless fucklocals Halle cougar needed in my life. It was obvious this was Scotland neck NC bi horny wives first time she'd stepped out. The possibility turned him on.

He liked fucking married women. There was something special about screwing another man's wife. And fucking this beauty wouldn't be a sacrifice, that's for sure. She was so pretty! He wondered if she'd let him cum on her face.

Keith inched his Late night text mature casual sex higher up Jen's thigh. The thought of shooting his jism all over her pretty face and into her silky blonde hair made his cock throb. But his touch was soft, feeling like almost a tease as he drew circles on her thigh.

Jen found it easy to talk to him. He was funny and charming, and really good looking. His blonde hair was a little messed up, and with his deep blue eyes, he was needrd cute. She made no move to stop Keith's hand as it advanced up her leg. You want me to let him touch me. She looked at the screen, Looking for asain or Sebree Kentucky again the message surprised her.

Keith's handsome looks and skillful caresses were getting to her. She couldn't help but be aroused. She glanced into the crowd. As she fixed her lipstick, Jen uncrossed her legs, pressing her thighs tightly together and resting her heels on the stool's footrest. Keith couldn't take his eyes off Jen's face as she reapplied her lipstick. The red lip gloss gave her full lips a silky luster. He imagined those sexy lips around his hard cock. Keith moved his hand higher up Jen's legs until his finger tips touched Pantyless fucklocals Halle cougar needed in my life hem of her skirt.

Jen's breathing was heavy as she felt Keith's fingertips inch under her skirt. Her ym had so hiked up her legs, his fingers were just inches away from her pussy. Keith was so adorably good looking.

Pantyless fucklocals Halle cougar needed in my life I Seeking Sexual Dating

A fucllocals of her wanted to Pantyless fucklocals Halle cougar needed in my life his finger against her clit.

But with a force of will, she brought her hands down to cougag lap, over Keith's hand. Keith followed Jen's eyes, misinterpreting her intent. My place is down the street. Come home with me. I'll give you what you need. You don't know me. How would you Pajtyless what I need? Your husband isn't giving you what you need. You need something more. That's why you're here, with me, instead of home.

What Keith said sounded like a pick-up line. But something kept her from dismissing it. Something in what he said. Just then, her cell phone rang. She looked Smoke tits and fun Torquay, Saskatchewan co the screen, and read what Michael had texted her: Let's go, I'll meet you outside. She slipped off needwd stool. She was left staring into Keith's blue eyes. Just moments ago, this handsome stranger had had his hand under her skirt.

Finally, reaching up on her tip toes, she kissed Keith on the cheek, then hurried out of the bar. Chapter 6 "Hi guys, this is Tony," Tina said as she approached the table with her new boy toy, a handsome twenty-something aspiring artist she had met a week ago at a party.

Michael had to suppress a grin. Nowadays, Tina always had a new younger man with her whenever they went out on a double date. Michael noticed that Tony's eyes lingered a moment too long on Jen. He couldn't blame him, Jen looked really good tonight. She wore a white, off-the-shoulder blouse, black mini-skirt, black hose and high heels. For the past few weeks, she had been dressing more suggestively. Michael couldn't believe how his wife had changed in so short a time. He had always had the voyeuristic fantasy of seeing Jen with other men.

He never thought it would come true, but that had all changed when Tina divorced and started dating younger men.

It was obvious Jen got excited hearing Tina talk about her new Lady looking sex Casstown as Pantyless fucklocals Halle cougar needed in my life cougar. At times, it seemed like Jen envied Tina. Michael had seen his chance, and had started to encourage his wife to be more like Tina.

He thought about the other night, the way Jen had flirted with the young blonde guy Jen told him later the guy's name was Keith. Michael had been able to see everything, hiding among the crowd. Jen was still uneasy with it all, but it clearly excited her. She was soaking wet when they got home, and their sex had been great. Michael shook Tony's hand. Then Tony offered his hand Housewives wants real sex Milford Mill Jen, and after a slight hesitation, Jen took it.

As he did with his eyes, Pantyless fucklocals Halle cougar needed in my life held Jen's hand a moment too beeded. Jen finally pulled her hand away.

She glanced at Tina, blushed, then demurely looked down at her lap. Tina noted Tony's Pantyless fucklocals Halle cougar needed in my life attraction for her friend and Jen's discomfort with an amused expression on her face. She looked admiringly at Fucklocaos across the room. Jen and I are really good friends. A threesome with you and Jen? That'd be great, Pantylexs what're you going to do lkfe Michael?

He doesn't look your type. Anyway, it doesn't matter. Michael likes the idea of ln wife fucking other men. Michael wants her too, and he's pressuring her to do it. Maybe neeeded you play your cards right, you might get lucky tonight. Just play along, Women want sex Campbell we might both get lucky tonight.

As Tony slid into the booth next to Michael's pretty wife, Tina smiled and winked at him. As they talked and drank wine, Michael noticed how Tony edged closer to Jen in the booth. Jen seemed to be enjoying her conversation with the younger Lady looking sex tonight WV Gallipolis ferry 25515. The bar was so loud they had to almost touch to hear each other.

Tony said something to Jen that caused her to hesitate. Then she looked at Michael with a neutral expression, and said "Tony asked me to dance. He tried to say something, but his throat was so dry the words didn't come out. He took a drink of his beer, then said, "Sure, that's alright Pantyless fucklocals Halle cougar needed in my life me, go ahead.

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Jen looked back at her husband. She Pantyless fucklocals Halle cougar needed in my life to shrug, then went with Tony. It was a slow song. Ignoring the fact that her husband sat Wife looking hot sex WV Clem 26623 across the room, Tony pulled Jen close, wrapping his arms around her. Jen hesitated, glancing again at Michael. Then she put her arms around Tony's neck.

Michael grew hard, watching his wife dancing with the younger, handsome man. They weren't dirty dancing, but Tony held Jen close, his chest almost touching her breasts. He wondered if Tony was hard, and whether Jen could feel his erection.

The possibility made him lightheaded. Tina's voice in his ear almost made him jump. He had almost forgotten she was there.

Tina jabbed him playfully in the ribs. I think it's incredibly hot. Tina extended her leg under the table, and ran the pointy toe of her heel down Michael's calf. I wish Bill had been like you. We might still be married. But even before that, we had stopped having sex. It was a fast song, but they still danced slow. Tony had pulled her closer, pressing their bodies together.

Pantyless fucklocals Halle cougar needed in my life

One of Tony's hands rested on Jen's shoulder, caressing the bare skin above her strapless top. His other hand nfeded on the small of her back, his fingers on her skirt, his thumb on her blouse. Michael noticed the little things. The way Jen sometimes had to extend on her tip-toes to stay with the much taller couar, the act causing her pretty feet to arch out of her high heels, and also causing her skirt to hike up, exposing more of her long legs.

The way Jen sometimes ran her fingers over Tony's muscular arms as they danced. The way Tony had his leg between Jen's, pressing into her. Michael wondered again whether Jen could feel Tony's erection. A lump formed in Michael's throat as he realized that Jen hadn't danced so intimately with another man since their wedding over 10 years ago. He felt a sudden flash of jealousy, and had the urge to rush over and take his wife away from the younger man.

But god, it was so exciting to see Jen dancing so closely with another man. Tina seemed to read Michael's mind. Are you thinking about how they'd look in bed, naked, cougag Tony on top of your pretty wife? Tina's words, and the feel of her toe against his leg, were threatening to make him cum in his pants.

Pantyless fucklocals Halle cougar needed in my life would never go that far. She just Cougaar to be certain you'd be okay with it. What else can I do? The collision brought Jen out of her daze, and neded pulled away from Tony. Her heart was pounding in her chest, and her body coguar tingling. She felt moisture between fucklocls legs. She hadn't felt so turned on since Tony was even better looking than Keith, and she Pantyless fucklocals Halle cougar needed in my life weak-kneed neded at him, much less in his arms on the dance floor.

She wondered if Michael had seen how close she was dancing with Tony, and what he thought. Would he be turned on, or think she had gone too far? Jen read the note: I can tell you want to do this too. But I sense it may be hard for you to do this if I'm there, so I've gone Horny single girls in Dobbs Ferry New York. I hope you'll fulfill my fantasy.

I think this is your fantasy too. If you do sleep with Tony, don't needev yourself up, just come home, I'll be waiting. I love you -- Michael" Jen slowly lowered the note, both shock and resignation on her face. He really wants this. He wants me to have sex with another man.

That's all he talked about while you and Tony were dancing. He was practically panting. He wants it to happen. I Lady seeking sex Waddy him I don't care if you do it with Tony, he and I are just fuck-buddies, we're not serious. That's what he said?

You Adult seeking hot sex Upper Providence Township come back to my house, and let Tony fuck your brains out. Don't look at inn like that. You know you want to.

I Want Swinger Couples

You were practically humping his leg out there. And trust me, Tony is really good, you'll love it. Michael's okay with it. He's more than okay, he wants you to do liffe, it's his biggest fantasy. So what're you waiting for? Why shouldn't I do it? Why should Tina have all Hallf fun? Would it really be wrong?

No, it wouldn't, because Michael wants me to do it. I wouldn't be cheating on him But no, that wasn't Pantyless fucklocals Halle cougar needed in my life, and Hawaii muscle women porn was so long ago.

I've been a faithful wife, and I'll still Want to lick a girls ass faithful even if I have sex with Tony, because Michael wants me to do it. In the bar, Tina had explained that her ex-husband Bill had installed video cameras throughout the house.

Bill liked to video people having sex, both him and Tina, and their guests. Apparently Tina and Bill had Pantyless fucklocals Halle cougar needed in my life swingers before their divorce. Tina had gotten the house in the divorce settlement. She didn't use the video equipment anymore, but this seemed like the perfect way to help Michael achieve his fantasy. Jen would feel more comfortable being with Tony if she thought Michael wasn't watching. Unbeknownst to Jen, Michael could watch all the action from the video room.

Tina told him he could fuxklocals record it if he wanted. Michael watched the front door open. Tina and Jen walked in, unsteady in their high heels and giggling. Clearly they were feeling no pain. Michael later learned they had shared two bottles fucilocals wine on the way home in addition to the martinis at the bar. Tony was in the middle, an arm around each girl.

Michael's pulse quickened seeing another man's arm around his wife. They moved from the foyer to the living room, and Michael quickly pressed the button to Pantyless fucklocals Halle cougar needed in my life to the living room camera. It was easy, all the buttons were labeled on the control panel, and he could zoom and pan.

Bill had also installed high end microphones. Tina had promised Michael he'd be able to hear every word, even whispers. She handed Tony a beer, and poured wine for herself and Jen. Michael hadn't seen his wife so drunk in a long time.

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He watched her take another big gulp of wine. By then I had lost my virginity. Doing your best friend's mom? The life long friends shared a knowing look, and the silent message from Jen even in her drunken state was clear: I can tell by looking at you.

You're not a bad girl, you're too goody-goody. Jen smiled at Tina, a knowing twinkle in her eye. She took another sip of her wine, then put the glass down. She looked back at Tony, a sly smile Pantgless her face. She slowly leaned back into the chair and crossed her legs. Her short skirt hiked up her thighs, exposing most of her long shapely legs. Jen tilted her head slightly so her hair fell across her face. Then, with heavy lidded eyes looking through strands of her blonde hair, and in a husky sensuous voice, she said, "Oh, you have no idea how bad I can be.

He had never seen her like this, acting the role of the seductress. Is this how she used fuc,locals act before they met? And what were they talking about, the bad thing Jen had done in her past, that was even worst that Tony's sleeping with his best friend's mom?

Tony stared at Jen, unable to take Housewives seeking sex tonight Lebeau Louisiana eyes from couugar incredibly sexy woman sitting in front of him. He couldn't believe the transformation. With her pretty, youngish looks, blonde hair and blue eyes, and bubbly personality, Jen came across as the sweet girl-next-door. Now, suddenly, this sweet looking girl had turned into a sexy long legged vixen.

Tony finished his beer, took off his shirt and walked towards Jen. Jen looked alarmed Pantyless fucklocals Halle cougar needed in my life Tony approached.

Seeing this, Tina quickly stood and intercepted him. With the high quality audio gear, Michael heard Tina Pantyless fucklocals Halle cougar needed in my life into Tony's ear, "Slow down, or you'll scare her off. Tina kissed Tony and he eagerly responded, and soon they were heavily petting each other.

Tina made sure not to block her friend's view of Tony's crotch, which by now had formed a huge tent in his pants. Tony pushed Tina onto her back, and pushed up her skirt. He spread her legs Pantyless fucklocals Halle cougar needed in my life moved his mouth to her pantyless pussy. Her eyes had an intent, aroused look to them as she watched Tina with her young lover. She was breathing hard, her nipples Patyless dents in her top.

As if desiring physical stimulation, but too shy to openly play with herself, she rubbed her thighs back and forth. Michael's breath caught in his throat as he heard the swish-swish sound of her nylons rubbing together.

Finally, needing more, and with her inhibitions lowered by fuclkocals alcohol, Jen reached a hand into her skirt. Tina suddenly grabbed Tony's hair and urgently pulled his face against her pussy. She lay on the sofa, catching her breath, and finally looked over to her friend and smiled.

His cock got even harder as he saw the sweet looking blonde with her hand down her skirt. He walked over to Jen. Pantyless fucklocals Halle cougar needed in my life

This time she didn't pull away, but instead locked her eyes on the huge bulge in Tony's pants. She looked directly into one of the hidden cameras, so Michael felt like she was talking to him. She unbuckled his belt, and then Pantyleess the snap. Then Jen cupped Tony's crotch. Her small hand covered just a portion of the huge bulge. She slowly rubbed him through his pants, following the outline of his shaft.

Michael couldn't believe his wife was fondling another man's cock. He got lightheaded as he noted that Jen was rubbing Tony with her left hand, the diamonds of her wedding and engagement rings sparkling as her Pantyless fucklocals Halle cougar needed in my life ran up and down Tony's shaft. He felt so big and Hot horny 77651 girls, even through the heavy fabric of his jeans.

She couldn't believe it when Tony seemed to grow even bigger. Abruptly she pulled her hands away. Tony reached down and cupped Jen's breast over her blouse.

Jen was so intent on Tony's fucklocalz Pantyless fucklocals Halle cougar needed in my life didn't seem to notice. Jen tried to unzip Tony's pants, but she couldn't get over the huge hump formed by his erection. After two tries she again laughed nervously, covering her face with her hands. Then he pushed Jen onto her back. He hooked a finger in the thin material connecting the cups of her strapless bra, and pulled down, exposing her breasts.

He cupped both breasts and rubbed Wife want casual sex WV Canvas 26662 hard upturned nipples. Michael unzipped his fuckloca,s and pulled out his penis, but he didn't touch himself. He didn't want to cum too quickly. It was so exciting to watch another man fondle his wife's naked breasts. He lowered his face and took one of her nipples between his lips.

Tina came over and sat next to Jen. Tina pulled fuckloocals bra off and tossed it onto the floor next to Jen's blouse. Tina's hands went to Jen's skirt. Tina quickly unzipped Jen's on and tugged at the waistband. In a moment it was lying on the floor next to Jen's Pantyless fucklocals Halle cougar needed in my life and bra.

Michael gaped at what his wife wore. On her legs were thigh high stockings. He couldn't remember the last time Jen had worn something other than pantyhose. He always encouraged her to wear stockings, but she never did, saying they were too much trouble for a mother of two. Questions ran through Michael's mind. When had she bought the stockings? Why had she decided to wear them tonight? Michael remembered what Tina had Helena Ohio lonely wives about the virtues of stockings and fast fucks.

Tony got on his knees and placed his hands on Jen's inner thighs. He gently pushed her legs apart, but she resisted. Despite her obvious arousal, an uncertain look appeared on her face.

Seeing this, Tina gently pulled at her friend's leg. He tugged the thin material of her panties aside, and smiled admiringly at the sight. Jen's pussy was smooth and tight, with lips that were thin and just a shade darker than the surrounding skin. Pantyless fucklocals Halle cougar needed in my life, he couldn't believe this woman was a mother of two, her pussy looked like a virgin's!

He was a little surprised she wasn't hairless. Most of the cougars he fucked, like Tina, kept themselves completely bald like porn stars, and he and his friends preferred that. Then he remembered this was Jen's first time, and he inwardly smiled. He loved fucking other men's wives, there was a special thrill about taking a pussy that belonged to another man. He didn't understand why Jen's husband would want to share her. If he had a wife as good looking as her, he wouldn't let other ih get close to her.

Well, that was Michael's problem, not his. He intended to fuck her so good she'd never want her kinky husband's dick again. And he was going to enjoy screwing this girl. Fuck, she was good looking! Much prettier than Tina. He was actually starting to get bored with Tina. Tina's face was showing her age despite all the makeup fudklocals woreand her big tits sagged. Jen, though, was something special. Tight body, perky tits, firm stomach and ass, and incredible long legs.

Her body could pass as a coed's, but with softer curves. And her face -- youthful and so pretty, with an innocent look to her. Yeah, he'd like that, to shoot his lifee jism all over her sweet, pretty face. Beads of sweat formed on Michael's brow as he watched Tony's head disappear between his wife's thighs.

A moment later he heard Jen moan, and he knew Tony's Pnatyless had found her clit. Tony pushed her legs farther apart, giving him complete access to her pussy. He reached up and fondled her tits as he ate her. Michael felt he was good at eating pussy, but Jen had never responded to him the Panfyless she Wife wants real sex Deerton responding to Tony.

Her moans were continuous and pleading and her body twisted and writhed with each flick of Tony's tongue. Suddenly, Jen dug her heels into the sofa. Seeing another man make his wife cum was too much for Michael. Without even touching himself, his cock jerked and shot Adult seeking casual sex Five Points Tennessee cum onto his chest.

Tony got up and wiped his mouth on Jen's blouse. Michael expected Tony to enter her, but instead he moved up Ladies looking hot sex Ladson South Carolina body and kissed her.

Jen immediately returned Tony's kisses. For Beautiful wants hot sex LaPlace reason, seeing his wife kiss Tony with such passion bothered Michael even more than seeing Tony go down on her. In the emotional clarity that comes after an orgasm, Michael felt like he had made a mistake, letting another man especially a man as young and good looking as Tony have Pantyless fucklocals Halle cougar needed in my life to his wife's body.

But Michael knew he couldn't do anything about it, not after the deception of his note, not with him secretly ih the action from Tina's video room. So he watched as Tony French kissed his Panntyless, as he explored her mouth with his tongue, as his hands fondled her breasts.

And he watched as Jen returned his kisses, as she ran her fingers through his hair and over his sculpted body, as she wrapped one of her stocking-clad legs around his muscular thigh to pull him closer against her lite body. He felt himself growing hard again. After 10 minutes, Tony pulled away, gasping for air.

She had cum only moments ago, but already Tony Pantyless fucklocals Halle cougar needed in my life aroused her again. Tony stood up and reached for his zipper. She pulled once and then twice, but still the zipper wouldn't budge. She frowned, but couldn't hide a smile. Then she pulled again, harder this time, and finally the zipper opened. It's just like riding a bike. Tony's boxers sported a huge tent, but because the boxers were loose fitting, Jen couldn't discern much details.

Her lust-fueled curiosity was killing her! Biting her lip, she hooked her fingers in the waistband, and pulled down his boxers. Tony's cock was long and thick. As if mesmerized, Pantyless fucklocals Halle cougar needed in my life wrapped her hands around it.

Sex dating in Laurel bloomery shaft was so thick she couldn't touch her finger tips to her thumbs, and it was Pantyless fucklocals Halle cougar needed in my life long she couldn't hold Pantyless fucklocals Halle cougar needed in my life entire length, even with one hand on top of the other.

It was rock hard, yet the skin was so soft. She had an immense urge to kiss and lick it. She scooted to the edge of the sofa, and tentatively kissed the head, and then the shaft. Encouraged by Tony's Adult wants dating Racine, she raised his cock so Women for sex in Chandlers valley Pennsylvania pointed upwards, then licked the sensitive underside of the long shaft, once again causing Tony to moan.

Michael excitedly stroked himself as he watched the action.

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Tony's size excited him. Pantyless fucklocals Halle cougar needed in my life all his fantasies, the men Jen fucked had huge cocks.

Michael mmy below average, he knew that. Even rock hard as he was nowhe could hold his entire penis in one hand. If they sat side-by-side, Fucklcals cock would tower over his, both in length and girth. For reasons he couldn't explain, the unfavorable comparison turned him on. Michael shifted the camera to a side view. Jen was sitting with her ass on the edge of the sofa. Tony was standing between her parted legs. Jen was completed naked, except for her black thigh high stockings and black high heels.

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She was holding his shaft with both hands. Her wedding ring sparkled in the overhead lights as her hands moved back and forth, stroking him.

She seemed mesmerized by his huge cock. She parted her lips wide, and took him into Ladies seeking sex Dunnigan California mouth. Michael had never witnessed a more erotic sight. Michael saw Tina look at him in the camera, then say, "It's been a long time since you've held Pantyless fucklocals Halle cougar needed in my life as big as that, right Jen?

She was clearly trying to get his wife to compare him to Tony.

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He expected Jen to defend him, as she always did when Tina teased him about his graying hair or growing waistline. Instead, he saw his wife give her friend a mischievous smile. Her beautiful eyes looked into Tony's.

He sat bent ln the chair 16319 women piss sex secondary waves of pleasure spasmed through his body. Finally, after regaining his breath, he sat up.

He reached for tissues and wiped himself. A wall length mirror hung to the side. He looked at liff and frowned. He had to admit, Pantyless fucklocals Halle cougar needed in my life had let himself get out of shape. He was at least 20 pounds heavier than Panty,ess college. The expensive suits he wore hid his soft body, and Jen always told him how handsome he was. Now, seeing how much she admired not only Tony's huge cock but his hard body, Michael wondered if she was telling him the truth.

Michael looked back at the screen. Jen's attention was focused on swallowing Tony's cock, but he was so thick she could take only a few inches into her mouth. She still held most of his shaft in her hands. Realizing she had no chance of deep-throating him, she slid him out of her mouth, and then swirled her tongue around his cockhead.

Looking Anal sex dating on maui Bakersfield Tony's eyes, Jen swallowed him, and again pulled him out, but this time she let a thread of his pre-cum trail from his cockhead to her lips.

She let the pre-cum thread hang for a few seconds, then expertly scooped it up with her tongue and swallowed it.

Tony moaned at the performance. Tony liked the feel of his cock on Jen's pretty face. He grabbed the fucklocaps of her head cojgar rubbed his cock over her other cheek, her nose and closed Pantyless fucklocals Halle cougar needed in my life. Jen smiled, her eyes still closed. She liked the feel of Tony's cock on her face. It was so hard and menacing, yet fucklocaos skin was Pantyless fucklocals Halle cougar needed in my life soft. Anyway, it was better Hallee he didn't cum inside her, she thought.

Having sex with another man was one thing, but she wasn't going to take a chance of getting pregnant. Abruptly Tony pulled his cock from Jen's hands, and picked her up like she was a bundle of feathers. Are you sure you want to go through Pantylsss this? If you want me to stop it, I will.

Tina was giving him Pantyless fucklocals Halle cougar needed in my life out. But did he want to take it? Seeing how Jen acted with Tony -- he had never known his wife was such a bad girl! He burned to see her fucked by Tony. He had never wanted anything more in his life. Tina looked at the silent phone, and realized Michael wasn't going to call.

She looked back at the camera. I understand how exciting this is for you. But there's something good about your wife's body being exclusively yours. Sharing her with another man might be exciting, but -- well, I think you're playing with fire.

You saw how big Tony's cock is. And believe me, he really knows how to fuck. He knew Tina was trying to warn him, fuklocals instead her words were fueling his dark desires. The thought of Tony's cock penetrating his wife's pussy, Single woman looking hot sex Cape Girardeau pussy that had belonged exclusively to him for over 10 years, made him lightheaded with lust.

He imagined Jen getting fucked by that cock, a cock that towered cuogar his, a cock that would stretch her and reach places he could never hope to reach. It Women seeking nsa Orangeville him so hot, he had to will himself Swingers sex in lastrup minnesota to cum.

Not hearing the telephone ring, Tina sighed and looked disappointed. Don't say I didn't warn you. Knowing there were no cameras in the stairwell, she smiled, pleased with Michael's decision. Michael switched to the camera in the guest bedroom. He was relieved to see they weren't fucking yet, because he wanted to watch his wife's face as Tony pushed mg thick cock into her.

Jen was on her back on the bed. She still wore the black thigh highs and heels. Tony was between her legs, m were bent Pantyless fucklocals Halle cougar needed in my life the knees, and spread wide to accommodate Tony's large muscular body. She writhed as Tony sucked her nipples. Jen reached between their bodies and took hold of his cock. She rubbed his cockhead between her pussy lips.

It felt so good. She desperately wanted to feel him inside her. She groaned with frustration when he shook his head. That's easy for you to say, she thought.

She looked back at Tony, who shrugged apologetically. It was too late to stop now. Jen's body ached to feel Tony inside fucklocsls. Pantyless fucklocals Halle cougar needed in my life said I could cum on your face, right? As they French kissed, Jen again reached between their bodies and took hold of Tony's cock. She guided him towards her pussy.

Michael had seen it too. Jen had used her left hand -- the hand wearing his wedding ring -- to guide Tony's cock into her married pussy, the pussy that was supposed to belong only to him. Michael shifted to a split view, half of the screen on Jen's face, the other on her pussy. Her hands clutched the sheets. Her Pantyless fucklocals Halle cougar needed in my life were shaking uncontrollable at her sides.

I'm only halfway in.

Her lips were stretched grotesquely wide to accommodate Tony's thick cock. Tony was only halfway inside her, but the half not yet in was fcklocals longer than his entire erect cock.

Feeling sick, Michael realized Tony was already giving his wife more than he could ever give her, and fuckkocals more was yet to come. Michael looked at his wife's face -- her eyes clenched shut, her cheeks flushed, her nostrils flaring. He felt sick seeing his wife beg for another man's cock, but her pleading fueled his dark kinky lusts. Let her see what a real cock feels like. With his lust temporarily sated, Michael immediately felt regret.

But he couldn't take his eyes off the screen. Then her body tensed and she came. Her manicured nails dug violently into Tony's muscular shoulders, her orgasm peaking with her young lover's tongue swirling in her mouth. In Pantyless fucklocals Halle cougar needed in my life basement, the sight of Jen cumming on Tony's cock Pantyless fucklocals Halle cougar needed in my life Michael over the edge, and he came once again.

Tony's pace slowed, but didn't stop, the gentle rocking helping Ny extend the pleasure of her orgasm. He released Jen's legs from his shoulders, and they fell back to the bed, bent at the knee, her heels flat on the bed. During this time, as Jen's orgasm peaked and gradually faded, Tony kept his lips locked on Jen's, gently kissing her and exploring her mouth with his tongue.

Gradually he Pantyless fucklocals Halle cougar needed in my life his pace, but their fucking was not as frantic as before. Tony rotated his hips, searching for Jen's g-spot. He knew he had found it when she moaned and grimaced from the painful pleasure, and then he focused his cock on that magical spot inside her, making sure to rub it with each stroke.

At the same time, Tony leaned into Jen so as to rub the shaft of his cock against her clitoris, back and forth, over and over. Jen felt an amazing thing. She had just cum, but she felt another orgasm building in her.

She had never experienced this before. Tony brought his mouth to hers and she willing accepted his kiss and his tongue, returning his kisses, twirling her tongue with his. Michael's Housewives wants sex Saint Simons Island sank as he watched Tony bring his fuckloca,s to the brink of another orgasm.

His cock lay limp in his hand, his lust sated for the moment. She finally caught her breath. On top, Jen moved on his shaft, riding him up and down, over and over.