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All responses to my challenges, that I Nauughty of, can be found in Naughty girls 54806 community, Whitetigerwolf's Challenges, found below. I don't post any stories there, but you can see some art that I like. I'm not an artist myself, can't draw worth crap. I don't Naughty girls 54806 critisism, but telling me I'm an idiot who shouldn't ever have children is severely over the line.

If you criticize my story, at least allow me the right to present my point in a reply and don't insult me personally. Insults are childish and have no place on this site. I would also like Naughty girls 54806 say that I'm a vindictive person by nature.

As I previously stated, I don't mind critisism in my reviews, as long as it's done in a polite manner. Insult me in a review, where anyone can see it, I'll be Naughty girls 54806 in my response to you in my author's notes, Just want to treat a girl nice anyone can see it. If you're polite, I'll be polite, and depending on the review, I'll politely inform you in an author's note Naughty girls 54806 PM you.

If you insult me in a PM, I'll read it, delete it, block you, and that will be the end of it. If you think I'm being defensive, you're right.

I do this for fun, but I still put in time, thought, and effort girsl my stories however poor or Women want sex Bread Loaf they may seem to you.

And I take people who insult my work, paid or Naughty girls 54806, as an insult to myself. If you think I'm being childish, then you're the pot calling the kettle black as far as I'm concerned. It's human nature to defend ourselves. Naughty girls 54806 never said my stories Naughtu perfect, in fact I know they're not, Naughty girls 54806 why I don't mind polite non-insulting critisim.

It helps me improve. For all of you that are polite when review, thank you and please don't stop. I do try and respond to the people who find faults, aside Naughty girls 54806 spelling and grammer, with my story either in a PM or in my author's notes and try to explain why, Nxughty me at least, my logic isn't faulty, or the reasons why I've done somthing, unless I feel responding would ruin a surprise I have in store regarding my story. And somtimes people do change my mind. For those of you that read these profiles, I have another rant.

I'm sorry if it offends anyone, but this is bugging me.

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Today, I posted a new story, Secrets. It's a one-shot and I have girld plans to continue it. But I got this anonymous review: Naughty girls 54806, if this was for another, multi-chaptered story, I'd understand I want a Darrington boyfriend solemate. I already have too many in progress works posted on Naughhy site.

Honestly, I get that unfinished stories are annoying, there are Naughty girls 54806 stories on site that I wish authors would just hurry up and finish. Considering that one of my favorite stories of all time on this site is only two chapters long, and I hope every day to see an update, I understand completely.

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That said, when a story is complete, what is wrong with posting it? Even if you have multiple unfinished stories posted?

It's not like I plan on starting a whole new story, just to leave another work-in-progress that Naughty girls 54806 unfinished. Many times, I never plan to come-back to my one-shots. I know Naughty girls 54806 I just went through and gorls them. That's not even counting the ideas I have in my head that I haven't yet posted, or the 12 I gave up on Naughty girls 54806 put up for adoption. And after getting that review, I was sorely tempted to post each and every one, Naughty girls 54806 of witch are only in the first chapter, and some of which I'm 54860 chapters into.

I wish I could say that yes, I can focus on one story and finish it, I really do. Good Cyprus pussy I applaud those authors on this site that are capable of igrls. If any of you are reading this, Married women in Memphis if I'm not a fan of the genre's you write in, I applaud you for this ability to focus on one story.

My mind simply does not work this way, Naguhty as Naughtu writing this, my mind is going on three constantly changing tangents. When I'm inspired, I write, when I'm not, I work on something else. I may know what I want to happen in the story, Naughty girls 54806 for some reason, translating what I want is not that easy.

I'm going to use Magus, Grim, and Nightshade as an example, for those of you who have not read it. Everyone whose read to this point no doubt knows that I am having Sabertooth train Hermione. And, more importantly, how AM I, as the writer, girlls to describe the training?

If I really wanted Naughty girls 54806, I could simply write, Victor trained Hermione. That's it, the end. That is what I need inspiration for, In all my stories. I know what's going to happen, even with Serpent Co urt, which I haven't updated in several years, I know what I want to happen.

But I haven't gotten the inspiration yet to describe HOW these things happen. Again, sorry about the rant, and as I said earlier, I could understand if Naughtty were another unfinished story I was posting. Naughty girls 54806 to have that comment posted with a one-shot It's not like I'm doing this for money, where an unfinished Naughty girls 54806 is going to ruin me.

This is a hobby, one I do fo fun. And to get comments like that, that make absolutely no sense being posted in such circumstances, annoys me Naughhty the Naughty girls 54806 that I find it hard Naughty girls 54806 continue writing, simply because it's stuck in my head and annoying the life out of me that I can't focus on what I'm writing and I 54086 that precious inspiration. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these tales of mine that you choose to read, unfinished or not.

Naughty girls 54806 I am tired of all the PM's asking me if my stories are abandoned, up for adoption, this is my answer. She's so posotive and happy, he's dreary and a little depressing. The book really doesn't explain Veela that much so there are a lot of posibilities.

I don't know what J. I saw hope when Ron walked out of the tent in Deathly Hallows, maybe Ron and Hermione was just a plot twist that would lead to the eventual Harry and Woman seeking casual sex Beacon Falls pairing.

They had to accept him back Naughty girls 54806 easily, when he's abandoned them several times and is the cause of most of Harry and Hermione's disagreements.

5480 Dumbledore Interferes way too muchGinny Stalker like behaviorRon too thick for his own good. Edward Just don't likeNaughty girls 54806 BigotRosalie After a few decades I'd think you'd learn that you're a female dog in Adult ready orgasm Morgantown. Beast Boy way to immature for gitls heroGizmo Creepy and Annoying.

Gambit there's just somthing about him that annoys the crap out of girrlsCyclops same as Gambit. Alice can see the future, but still manages to not be correctEmmett He's a carbon copy, vampire version of my best friend.

Wolverine he's just plain awesome! Songs and Themes These are the songs that I think would be good themes for these characters.

I like to make darker, conflicted, or Naughty girls 54806 up Naughty girls 54806. It makes them seem more real in my opinion. Also, I love critisism in my reveiws.

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Sure I also like Naughty girls 54806, but it's only through discovering our faults and learning from them that we can improve. I apologize if my stories take a while Naughty girls 54806 update.

I make these stories up as I go, not to say that I don't have a plan, I have A, D, M, T, and Nauhgty, all the the major parts of my stories, iI just have to fill in the letters in between. To be afraid of nothing, is to be a fool.

I Am Look Nsa Naughty girls 54806

To stand up and face your terrors is to be truly brave. Belief is a powerful thing, a precious thing. But when placed in the virls of finite beings, it is twisted and maimed to thier own ends. A man has a code of honor, a set of rules Naughty girls 54806 will Naughty girls 54806 obey, no matter how evil or few they may seem.

You can Naughty girls 54806 the charachter of a man by observing how he acts when the chips are down. Most are worthless, some are good, and a rare few are exceptional. The dangerous man isn't loud, boastful, Looking for a quality lady in the spotlight. The dangerous man is quiet, humble, and concealed in shadows.

The best birth control Naughty girls 54806 celibacy, having your dick cut off is second only because its more painful. God gave man a brain and a pecker, unfortunatly he only gave man enough blood to work one at a time.

Naughty girls 54806

All gold is, is a shiny hunk of earth. The only reason it has value is because we give gjrls value. When life hand you lemons, you can do one one of two things, either add Vodka and chill or send them back at high 5806, preferably attached to a cinder block or other heavy object. Never argue with your parents, just agree, smile, and wait 'till they're in Naughty girls 54806 retirement home. You say, when Hell freezes over, I got news for you. Hell, Michigan freezes over yearly.

I was joking Naughty girls 54806 with one of my friends, and somehow we ended up comparing the residents of Roanapur to the Olympian Gods. Please note that while I preferred same gender matched to each character, there were a couple instances where the best character matched a god of the opposite sex.

Chsng is the most powerful man in Roanapur, effectively the Czech Republic horny rich women xx of the city. Even Balalaika respects him enough to inform him of her operations. If Chang is girle most powerful man in Roanapur, Balalaika is the most powerful woman, effectively Nughty of the City.

She Naughty girls 54806 also perhaps the most feared, the one everyone worries about angering.