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Walkowitz is the author of Nights Out: In the twentieth century, London's Soho Hendefson became Naked Henderson girl com tourist mecca, where Londoners could indulge in forbidden appetites of sex, food, and drugs, not to mention late-night dancing and drinking.

Despite its sleazy exoticism, Soho in the s boasted one local institution that catered to middlebrow suburbia.

The Windmill Theatre, gifl tiny variety theatre specializing in "girls and gags" and Naked Henderson girl com nude tableaux, attracted male commuters eager to experience erotic entertainment in a safe, licit, strictly white venue. The Windmill's success hinged on the savvy marketing strategies of its wealthy theatre owner, Mrs. To promote the Windmill, V.

He also introduced stage nudity, or the "bare idea. Henderson used her society connections to persuade the theatre censor, the Lord Chamberlain, to permit the Henderwon of nude tableaux on the grounds that they were artistic renditions of classical statuary or paintings.

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By remaining motionless under subdued lighting, the Windmill nude poser was "art. Included in their ranks were the surreptitious masturbators, the "dirty mackintosh" brigade.

Henderson's subsidy kept the Windmill afloat during the depression, but the theatre's Hendersom prosperity pulled it out of the red. The press was quick to exploit the visual attractions of the Windmill at war.

Photographers took backstage shots of the Girls that amalgamated home and work, glamour and grit, in service to a "People's War. These backstage scenes operated at different registers.

Bedtime scenes blend two genres of wartime photographs, the shelter scene and the pin up.

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The cover of the racy periodical, London Life, features Windmill girls asleep in their "civilian dugout. The nude "four-in-a-bed" photograph evokes the underground pornographic genre of the lesbian brothel scene.

Bedtime pictures in the popular press are much cozier and discrete. For example, "Our Daily Life in Air-Raided London" presents three "girls" asleep on the floor, keeping up appearances, but their bodies are decorously separated and fully-clothed.

One Windmill girl remains awake. Photographic scenes of the Naked Henderson girl com Windmill Girls were exported to the US as propaganda for the Blitz spirit: A new wartime audience of American servicemen consolidated the Windmill's international reputation and allowed the Windmill to make a profit.

One American newspaper calculated that over a million G. An urban legend circulated around the presence of American servicemen at the Windmill.

It involved their breaching of the theatre's intensely British decorum. For three and a half years, G. I's sat in the auditorium, "smoking cigars And they were really very well behaved, after you got used to the shouting.

Hendesron urban legend circulated around a posing girl who came to life amidst detonating bombs in After a flying bomb hit the top of the nearby Regent Palace Hotel, a posing girl wearing a Spanish hat and nothing more slowly moved and Naked Henderson girl com her nose at the bomb. For this "spontaneous gesture," she received a "tremendous ovation.

The posing girl who moved epitomized the spirit of the Blitz, when wartime propaganda recast everyday ordinariness as an idealized expression of homefront morale. The Windmill staged a form of British Hendereon entertainment that Fucking grannies Mobile Alabama to the defense of the nation by amalgamating performance genres that were "in some ways Transatlantic, in others Continental.

While embracing the moral solidarities of interwar middle England, the Windmill came to embody the heroism of the "little Naked Henderson girl com of London, Naked Henderson girl com testimony to their determination under fire.

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