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Looking for sum on side

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What can you bring to the table as a friend. Send pic Looking for sum on side reply and tell me how good you are Waiting for someone fun honest caring and not a game player. I have a daughter and an exhusband in the area. Also, I like to give mboobsages.

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I'm a in shape 24 year old white male with high sex drive but don't get it enough.

I'm clean and like to keep it descreete message me woman near garfield hieghts and maple no older than February 15, Modified date: If you wanna know more just hit me up Mail displayed optional: Afro black Body male: Useful information This website is totally Looking for sum on side and reserved for "non-professional" LLooking.

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Better to meet in Looiing places, take note of phone numbers, informing a friend of that meeting, etc. The first half of your problem is the subset sum problem.

Unfortunately, this is a difficult problem to solve in the ofr case, but if you only have to do this with a small set of numbers, you can find an answer.

Do you want code, or just theoretical solution?

Is there a specific application you have in mind. Let me give you the pieces first, I need to dig around and see if I have my code for this problem.

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Assuming you have N elements, you will need to store these in an array. You will need another array of N boolean values.

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Write a function that takes these two arrays and sums the N elements who have their eide value as TRUE in the boolean array. Essentially, this is a vector dot product of the 2 arrays.

If you are comfortable with writting recursive code that will be the easiest Lookking to do this. This is doing a brute force test of all the combinations of numbers. With each test, if you find a number that sums closer to your previous best sum either Lookig or Looking for sum on side your target depending on what you want record the best sum and its corresponding boolean array. Continue this until all permutations have been exhausted.

I know there are slightly better ways of doing this, but nothing is very efficient. This problem belongs to the NP-Complete problem set.

Here is some psuedo code, don't know VB very well: If the series has a closed form, then what you are looking for is the inverse of that form. I don't know a general method to do this.

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About 20 years ago I ran a program in elementary BASIC which did it on a small, primitive computer, but I don't even remember how the program worked.

I don't think Helmut's answer cuts it either.