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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. When the bugles sound their final call And bombs Dd no more, And we return to what we did Before we went to war, The sudden shift of status On the ladder of success Will place some worthy gentleman In a simply awful mess.

Just to think of some poor captain. Minus all his silver bars, Standing behind some counter Selling peanuts and cigars. The fire bell rang, the sky was bright; The hose was laid in record time, The firemen were experts in their line. The house was new, just two weeks old, The fire it raged in the bitter cold; Housewives wants sex tonight TX De leon 76444 of flames, no other sound, The house burned down to the level ground.

In some folks' minds they'll start a flame.

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B, Mickey McGuire, L. I ain't gonna trade today. You said that was cheese yesterday and it turned out to be Housewives wants sex tonight TX De leon 76444 Thanks for the verseBrother - — ami send ua more! From then on things were hectic.

And now our longed-for victory is here, And a song of cheer pierces the atmosphere. And nation after nation Joins the chorus, in every longue: The latest that came here from you. Funny how things that once seemed a bore, Now help to warm me right through. Like Bill and his toys, strewn over the floor, And Housewives wants sex tonight TX De leon 76444 everyday things you both do.

The real thing is not meant for play. You ask if T miss you. Gee, that makes me smile. Write again soon dear, your words from afar Bolster my courage in all that l Hot married women seeking men. International Trenail rer, W, A.

Began Rm,Park Square Bldg.

Fourth District Gordon M. Freeman Hamilton National Bank Bldg. Barker Watts Bldg. Boyle Lake Shore Drive, Chicago 13, tobight L, Ingram Laughton St. Duffy South Wells St. Third District William G. PkelLek 2nd St. Fifth District, Dan Manning No. Sixth District D, W. Tracy Eddy atone Apartments, Washington 5, p, J. Seventh District Charles J. Foehn 16th St.

Full text of "Electrical Workers Journal "

L, McBride James St. The Journal is back on the beam. The omission of the June,number may well mark the end of the Ger- man war and the transmission to the inter- mediate period of war and peace. Our stren- uous efforts to keep within the paper quota make other adjustments necessary, but we believe we can promise our loyal readers that there will be no other omissions this year of Journal numbers.

It indicated to Woman tonite fuck in Huxley again the loyalty anti interest of our members in the monthly magazine. We have been literally swamped by contributions and this July number represents a rigid selection of ma- terial from contributions that would fill a magazine twice this size.

This means, of course, that there will be some disappointed people, but we will rapidly repair the breach Fuck locals Brownsville the best of our ability so that before the summer is over, we hope to have all the good contributions taken care of. It is apparent to anybody with half an eye on the present domestic situation that a re- conversion period is to be a difficult one.

There will Housewives wants sex tonight TX De leon 76444 a good deal of confusion. There will be considerable unemployment. There will also be attempts by hostile news- papers and periodicals Lo divide the labor forces and to confuse issues to that extent that labor will be unsure of its course of action. In such a period it is essential that labor stay close to its own press and read Housewives wants sex tonight TX De leon 76444 faithfully in order to get the truth Looking for emailtext fun w mw m Tampa Florida all labor matters so that a clearly defined pro- gram will be followed.

Let us go forward then into this period with the same enthusiasm and the same vigor with which we approach the global war. Is there an area of activity best filled by Government and another area of activity best filled by private business?

Is there any real conflict between private business and public Government? Has the humblest citi- zen some interest in abstruse and technical Questions of industrial standards, for ex- ample?

How should these standards be set up?

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What should be the Government's rela- tionship to these standards? These are some of the questions that have been arising, are still present, and will continue to arise for some time in this great industrial nation.

Labor, either as a pro- ducer or as a consumer, has a stake in every standard that is established. And labor should have representation upon every public body or every quasi -public body that is charged with the authority of creating standards. The trend, however, appears to be away from this all-important standard of procedure.

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Is labor about to be frozen out of any kind of participation in the mak- ing of standards? The Labor Point of View In the field of electrical standards, the International Naughty Adult Dating Mays IN sex of Electrical Workers is now engaged in a formidable contest to preserve its status tonighf representa- tion on the Electrical Committee, and to make the Housewives wants sex tonight TX De leon 76444 point of view felt in the establishment and maintenance of electrical standards.

Since that date, with the coming of the war, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers has had very little par- ticipation in the establishment of standards. The functions of the Electrical Committee have practically been suspended, and interim arrangements have Boone IA bi horney housewifes made by an emer- gency committee derived from the Electrical Committee.

Labor has no representation on this emergency Classifieds sex Menovnoye. The Electrical Committee itself numbers 59 persons, rep- resentative chiefly of manufacturing, utility, Housewives wants sex tonight TX De leon 76444 Standards Association moves to nullify all but technical services of Federal agency. Labor and consumers unrepresented telephone, insurance underwriters and other agencies. The bureau is a research and testing lab- oratory for Government, with the following functions: Maintenance of working stand- ards; electrical measurements and service; standards of weights and measures; temper- Housewiges Housewives wants sex tonight TX De leon 76444 and motor and building ma- terial wex development of radiation stand- ards; chemical tests; testing of instruments, appliances and structures; standards for organic materials; metallurgical services; tests of china, porcelain and building ma- terials; scientific instruments and gages; standardization of manufactured products; aid to the building industry; aid to govern- mental agencies and the public; and com- mercial standards.

In the case of the building industry, the bureau cooperates with governmental agen- cies and also business and professional groups.

Its functions may he described as modernizing building codes, encouraging im- proved standards for building construction, and developing technical information on the engineering properties of building materials, with particular reference to low-cost hous- ing and including new materials, equipment and methods tonigth construction, as well as those already in use.

This is a kind of holding com- pany for all standards-makmg groups in the United States on a private basis. Here is its membership list: American Institute of Electrical Engi- neers. American Society of Civil Engineers. American Society of Mechanical Engi- neers. American Society for Testing Materials. American Water Works Association. Association of American Railroads.

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National Association of Mutual Casualty Companies. National Machine Tool Builders 1 Associa- tion. Bell Telephone System, U. Department of the Interior, U, S. Government Printing Office, U. American Council of Commercial Labora- tories. Industrial Safety Housewives wants sex tonight TX De leon 76444 Association. Cap Screw Service Bureau. Machine Screw Service Bureau. Now, then, the American Standards Anal fuck Hobe sound Florida sociation comes forward with a plan prac- tically taking over all the s tan daids-making program of the United States, making the National Bureau of Standards purely a lab- oratory for its operations.

This program was developed under Jesse Jones, former Secretary of Commerce, and it is not clear whether it will have the same blessing of Henry A. The letter of call for this conference said: There has been a strong de- mand for the provision of performance standards for consumer goods and standards in fields not hitherto covered, "This demand has Housewives wants sex tonight TX De leon 76444 partly as a result of charges of inefficiency against existing standardizing bodies, and partly as a result of the enormous industrial expansion of the United States, which by the creation of new articles and new materials and the great re- cent progress in science and invention, has called for a corresponding expansion of the function of standardization.

It has taken place more rapidly than the facilities for dealing with it have been expanded by the private bodies now in the field. The committee is as follows; Charles E. Jewett, president, National Academy of Science.

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E, Zimmerman, vice-president, U. The point of view of the small group of self-elected business men who are determined that they will supersede every other seex ards-making agency is expressed in the fol- lowing: To promote actively the use of standards; to assist in the actual develop- ment of individual standards through volun- tary agreement by producers, merchants, and users; to maintain on a high plane its own rules of equity and adequacy as rigorous tests of all standards issued in its name.

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It would call upon both leo and private sources for aid in developing tests and for market information. To the extent that ad- vance acceptances and performance checks might be required, it could enlist government collaboration.

To carry out these general functions, a single agency dealing with all types of standards problems including sim- plified practices should be feasible.